Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds and Brianna Hildebrand getting oddly close on sets?

Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds and Brianna Hildebrand getting oddly close on sets?

(L-R) Actor Hugh Jackman, actor Ryan Reynolds, actress Brianna Hildebrand and actress Morena Baccarin appear onstage at the 20th Century FOX panel during Comic-Con International 2015Getty Images

The cast and crew of Deadpool 2 are currently filming in Vancouver. Photos and videos from the sets regularly surface online to tease a few spoilers from the film. But an insider update from the sets could cause a stir between Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

Sources from the X-Men movie hint that Deadpool 2 actor Reynolds and his co-star Brianna Hildebrand are "getting super close." The actors, who were seen in the first Marvel movie, are reprising their respective roles for the R-rated sequel.

Reynolds' liking for the 21-year-old star could be a reason to worry for his wife Lively. "He insists it's totally innocent and that he's just invested in her career, but people can't help noticing how much time he spends talking to her on the sidelines," a source from the sets claimed to OK! magazine.

The website also revealed that the "young and inexperienced" Hildebrand has had a "huge crush on Ryan before she even met him."
The insider told the gossip outlet, "Ryan helped pick her for the role in the first Deadpool and now that they're filming a second, he's totally blown away by her work. He's encouraged her to move to Hollywood full time and has been giving her advice on building her career. She's just starting to get more roles but people hope he doesn't go too far and land in hot water with Blake."

While OK!'s article might sound as a cautionary note for Lively, Gossip cop assures that there is nothing more than a mere professional relationship between the two. A source close to the production told the website that the younger star and Reynolds do not have an intimate relationship or bond.

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"Reynolds hasn't developed an intimate bond with his younger co-star, nor should Lively be worried about any of her husband's working relationships. Whereas Hildebrand noted on Twitter last year that she had a girlfriend," the website notes.

The speculation about their "closeness" comes days after the crew of the movie lost a stuntwoman during a fatal accident. The shooting was put on hold after the incident but The Hollywood Reporter shares that the film has resumed shooting.

Deadpool 2 releases on June 1, 2018.