Mobile store owners fleecing public for Aadhaar linkage

Mobile store owners fleecing public for Aadhaar linkage
 Ever since the Government of India has appealed to the people to link their mobile to Aadhar number to their mobile phone numbers, it has become an additional source of income to most of the mobile store owners especially to the distributors.
Although the Central government has issued orders to all mobile operators not to collect any charges for aadhaar authentication, the distributors are going ahead and collecting the amount defying the orders of the Centre, thus fleecing the general public. 
Going into details, when The Hans India approached the some of the people asking whether they linked up their aadhaar card number linkage with their mobile, most of the people replied in the negative as the distributors were charging Rs. 10 or 20 for the authentication.
If any customer refuses to pay, the distributors were found behaving rudely towards the customers. The situation is no different in Nirmal and Bhainsa towns as well.
Most of the distributors were seen collecting the amount claiming for the service charges decided by the mobile operators which is causing a lot of inconvenience to the people.
Speaking to The Hans India here on Wednesday, Hanumandlu, a farmer said, that he has been using his mobile phone number since 2006 onwards and never had to feel so bad. He said that he was forced to pay the extra charges though it was not necessary. It sounds strange, he added.
He said that this incident unfolds the bitter truth that the central government policies failed to bring transparency in the administration.