Stalking accused refused tests, this is what Varnika has to Say about it.

Stalking accused refused tests, this is what Varnika has to Say about it.
Varnika Kundu is very annoyed and feeling awful after she came to know how the processing of her case is going. The self dependent women,who works as a DJ for her living has to work late night. She was stalked and harassed by the son of BJP president of Punjab and his friends. The victim and her family are bit hurt due to the irresponsible investigation done by the Chandigarh police. Some reality came in front of eyes that, the Chandigarh police didn’t pressurized Vikas and his friend for blood and urine test after they were arrested.
After the reveal of this shocking fact, the Chandigarh police are alleged for helping the accuse and his friends and tampering the case.“If someone, who constantly chose to keep faith in the system, is also dealt with like this then what good is such a system?” asked Varnika Kundu, the daughter of a senior IAS officer.I’m very disappointed. This is definitely going to change things,” she added.
Varinka is very much disappointed by the  investigation process of the Chandigarh police. She will never interfere in the investigation of the police, but surely she will demand for re-investigation. Being a government official her father is also angry by the advancement of the case. Can they even do this? Can they refuse?” he asked. “I was told by the police that they were taken to GMCH-16 for the medical exam from the police station in Sector 26 so I don’t know what exactly to say,” the father added.
The influence of the accused father has helped him and his friends a lot during the investigation. Vikas and his friends were bailed within few hours after the were arrested. The charges place on them were drink-driving and stalking, they didn’t charge them with harassment. These two charges are bailable,which allow the police to release them.