Want the 'Ivanka Look' or the 'Melania Makeover'? $50,000 Surgery Craze Hits US

Let's face it, his own popularity is presently running at rock bottom - but at least the US President's leading ladies have definitely caught the eye of the nation. Growing numbers of wealthy women in the US are now hot-footing it to the nearest cosmetic surgeon with the express wish of looking exactly like Ivanka Trump — or her equally glamorous stepmother Melania. Incredibly, they are happily forking out more than US$50,000 dollars-a-time to go under the knife in order to replicate the facial appearance of either the "First Daughter" or Mr. Trump's missus, by having their cheekbones raised, eyes reshaped and noses slimmed down.
President Donald Trump gestures as he walks with his daughter Ivanka Trump across the South Lawn of the White House in Washingto The well-heeled elite of Manhattan, it would appear, have finally grown tired and fallen out of love with US reality star Kylie Jenner — part of the Kardashian clan — previously the most requested famous face,…

Bibi's Bling: Brief List of Corruption Scandals Surrounding Israel’s Netanyahu

Bibi's Bling: Brief List of Corruption Scandals Surrounding Israel’s Netanyahu

The recent corruption allegations involving Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Benjamin Netanyahu, is just the latest in a long line of scandals surrounding the Israeli Prime Minister.
Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is currently facing an indictment for allegedly spending over $100,000 of taxpayer money on catered chef’s meals and lavish parties in violation of the existing regulations.
These accusations add to a long list of corruption scandals and allegations involving the Israeli prime minister and those close to him.

Champagne and Cigars

Case number 1000 deals with claims that Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife received expensive gifts from Israeli billionaire and Hollywood tycoon Arnon Milchan, the producer of Pretty Woman and Fight Club, including pricey champagne, cigars and jewelry. Meanwhile, Australian billionaire James Packer allegedly courted Netanyahu’s son Yair by covering his travel expenses, including flights and hotel rooms.

Newspaper Fracas

Case 2000 is a probe into allegations that Netanyahu may have expressed interest in obtaining favorable coverage from the Yedioth Ahronoth, a newspaper that actively criticized him, by sabotaging its rival daily Israel Hayom – a newspaper where the prime minister has allegedly enjoyed considerable clout.

Submarine Affair

Case 3000, often referred to as the 'submarine affair', is related to a multi-billion dollar deal to purchase several ships and submarines from the German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp to protect Israeli offshore deep-sea drilling gas platforms from Germany.
Miki Ganor, a retired naval captain who acted as a representative of the German industrial firm in Israel and who turned state witness in this case, has allegedly bribed high-ranking Israeli officials to ensure that his client would get the deal.
While Prime Minister Netanyahu wasn’t directly named as a suspect in this case, the accusations are being levelled against several people who have close ties to him, including his lawyer and cousin David Shimron and former deputy head of the National Security Council Avriel Bar-Yosef.

Telecommunications Mess

The case known as the ‘Bezeq affair’, or Case 4000, deals with allegations about Shlomo Filber, Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Communications and former aide to Netanyahu, providing the telecommunications company Bezeq with confidential information that helped further the latter’s interests.
The report filed by the State Comptroller of Israel also stated that Prime Minister Netanyahu originally withheld information about his close friendship with Shaul Elovitz, the controlling shareholder in Bezeq, which may have led to a possible conflict of interests.
Meanwhile, a poll conducted by the Hebrew-language newspaper Ma’ariv revealed that 48 percent of Israelis believe that Netanyahu is corrupt, with 38 percent of respondents opposing such claims.


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