Want the 'Ivanka Look' or the 'Melania Makeover'? $50,000 Surgery Craze Hits US

Let's face it, his own popularity is presently running at rock bottom - but at least the US President's leading ladies have definitely caught the eye of the nation. Growing numbers of wealthy women in the US are now hot-footing it to the nearest cosmetic surgeon with the express wish of looking exactly like Ivanka Trump — or her equally glamorous stepmother Melania. Incredibly, they are happily forking out more than US$50,000 dollars-a-time to go under the knife in order to replicate the facial appearance of either the "First Daughter" or Mr. Trump's missus, by having their cheekbones raised, eyes reshaped and noses slimmed down.
President Donald Trump gestures as he walks with his daughter Ivanka Trump across the South Lawn of the White House in Washingto The well-heeled elite of Manhattan, it would appear, have finally grown tired and fallen out of love with US reality star Kylie Jenner — part of the Kardashian clan — previously the most requested famous face,…

Indian Right-Wing Group Starts Lobbying Globally Against Chinese Products

Indian Right-Wing Group Starts Lobbying Globally Against Chinese Products

The group says Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and African countries should jointly protest China’s policy of dumping cheap products in their markets.

Upping the ante against Chinese goods, India’s right wing group Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) has started diplomatic lobbying to mobilize public opinion against what it calls “commercial imperialism” of China.

“China has unleashed commercial imperialism. People in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and also African countries are agitating against dumping of Chinese goods. The SJM will reach out to a large number of ambassadors of countries affected by the dumping of Chinese goods,” Kashmiri Lal, Organisational secretary of the SJM said.

The organization claimed that its year-long campaign has so far seen ten million commitments by the people not to buy ‘Made in China’ goods. Opposition of Chinese goods by SJM is based on the principles of enhancing domestic capability to expand growth of the economy and employment opportunities.

“The extent of Chinese imports constitute half of the manufacturing productions within the country and if it could be replaced by the domestic goods Indian economy will also come on growth path along with employment,” Kashmiri Lal added.

The SJM general secretary Ashwani Mahajan claimed that Narendra Modi government would impose anti-dumping duty on 48 Chinese products soon. Indian government has already curbed import of at least 94 products from China.“Unhindered import of Chinese goods is causing huge damage to Indian economy in more ways than one. Small scale units are getting closed. Job opportunities are shrinking. China’s contribution to India’s annual trade loss is $52 billion out of $118 billion on account of 190 countries,” Kashmiri Lal said in New Delhi.

The organization had recently approached Prime Minister Narendra Modi and submitted a detailed memorandum demanding harsher policy against Chinese imports. “Nearly 50% of our manufacturing output is imported from China; about 24% is on paper but the rest finds its way through illegal routes. If this is stopped, we can revive our own industry and also ensure that China does not poke us,” Ashwani Mahajan said.
SJM is affiliated to the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party’s parent organization Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS).


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