Putin Names World's 'Most Urgent' Tasks in Syria

Putin Names World's 'Most Urgent' Tasks in Syria
Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the international community to facilitate the resolution of the Syrian crisis under the leadership of the UN, saying that Moscow will continue its efforts to stabilize the situation in the region.

Speaking at a ceremony of the presentation of credentials of new ambassadors on Tuesday, the Russian leader said Moscow "will continue making a contribution within its powers, including in the Syrian direction."
Putin went on by stating that the expansion of humanitarian aid deliveries and de-mining of the liberated territories in Syria are "today's most urgent tasks."
"Everyone, who genuinely wishes peace to Syria and its people, who genuinely wish refugees to return to their homes, should join these processes under the aegis of the United Nations," Putin said at the ceremony.
The president also said that the intra-Syrian talks that had been taking place in Kazakhstan's capital of Astana should help the negotiating process on the resolution of the Syrian crisis in Geneva. The agreements reached in Astana on de-escalation zones create conditions for transition to direct dialogue between Damascus and opposition, he added.

"These agreements create the conditions for the advancement toward the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2254 based on the direct dialogue between the government and opposition, joining their efforts in the interest of swift eradication of terrorist hotbeds, the establishment of peace and maintaining the unity of Syria," Putin added.
The resolution 2254, adopted in 2015 calls for a ceasefire and the political settlement of the Syrian conflict.