Monday, 19 November 2018

Top 5 Affiliate Programs in India

5 Best Affiliate Programs in India

Credit: Amazon Associates

Amazon has millions of customers, who have the same trust as Amazon products. So in this way you can earn a decent commission by selling Amazon's affiliate program and selling the product.

You get a maximum of 12% commission in the Amazon Affiliate Program. In Amazon affiliate program, you are given a commission for every successful purchase, which has been purchased with your affiliate link.

Credit: VCommission

vCommission is India's best affiliate marketing network, which displays web or mobile display from an Indian brand, the vcommission has approximately 17,500 members.

Yahoo affiliate networks offer APCO CPA, CPI, CPS, or CPC offers, which can make affiliate sales with you.
When your website gets $100 then vCommission sends money to your bank account at the same time.

Credit: Flipkart Affiliate program

You can also earn money from Flipkart Affiliate, just join the Flipkart affiliate program and generate affiliate link and buy the product from that link.
Flipkart Affiliate Program offers 15% of the product sold.
 If someone purchases Flipkart product from your link then you get a commission. Just like your account has $100 You get pay-out.

Credit: Bigrock Affiliate
With Affiliate Program of Bigrock, you can start earning money in 3 simple steps.

Bigrock Affiliate Program is best for those people who like website designing or blogger web hosting. Bigrock gives you the money from your link, the domain registers, or the hosting services liens.

After registering with the Affiliate Program, you get a unique URL that you can earn, with the help of your blog/website.

Credit: GoDaddy 
GoDaddy Affiliate pays for every OOS customer, which is redirected to GoDaddy's website on behalf of your link or banner. The reason this set up in the Afalyat network is very good.
To make money from GoDaddy Affiliate Network, you have to link GoDaddy Affiliate to your website, if someone clicks on the link and purchases GoDaddy's domain or hosting, then you get a commission.


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