What is Network Marketing? Benefits of network marketing

What is Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a business system that can help your business grow bigger with the help of each other. We also call it 'Multi-Level Marketing'. At present, the Network Marketing franchisee is known as a double business due to business and traditional business. Many companies worldwide are doing great work in their business with Network Marketing. And people who are connected with it can earn good money from them.

NETWORK MARKETING is a system of
moving products from the manufacturer to
the consumers thru a network of users,
retailers and network builders. 
It is a type of DIRECT SELLING where distributors are compensated in both selling the PRODUCTS

Network Marketing is a channel to sell
goods or service through a network of
independent distributors from the
manufacturing plant straight to the end

Multilevel Marketing

Explanation: Multilevel marketing is a marketing strategy where direct sales companies encourage new dealers to recruit goods and services to facilitate the sale of goods and services to their existing distributors. Distributors are compensated only for the sales received from them, but they also get sales revenue from other dealers filled.


  1. Being own boss
  2. Time freedom
  3. Financial Freedom
  4. Extra Income
  5. Early Retirement
  6. Personality Development
  7. Nomination Facility-Giving secure future for your family
  8. Cars, Home, Vacation, Quality life
  9. Rewards, Recognition, Foreign Trips

What is Direct Selling or Network Marketing?

Direct sales or network marketing means
 Dynamics of distribution for marketing products and services to customers is a fast-growing channel.

Direct sales or network marketing directly marketing products or services directly to the users face-to-face, at other places in homes, from permanent placements at the workplace to the nearest distance. Direct sales are redistributed directly to live vendors when directly or through a personal exposure by independent vendors.
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