Smart city scheme

 Smart city scheme

The decision has been taken by the government to make 100 cities in the country as smart cities.  A scale has been prepared for at least one Smart City in all the states, for which the state governments have been asked to send a list of cities in their state in 15 days.  On 25 June 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has pioneered the Smart City project in front of the people of the country.

 Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu said that each state will have a smart city.  He said that the work of smart city will be done in two phases, first construction of new smart city, second renovation of Purani city.

 For the new Smart City, there is a plan to give a Smart City between the two big cities.

 The city which has a population of more than 1 lakh will be made a smart city.

 In cities that need to be made a smart city, it is necessary to have a transport arrangement with the Municipal Corporation, the electricity system and the water system. Also, IT should be a city.

 It has also been said that a Smart City will help the development of the nearest city.

 The names of the cities of Uttar Pradesh have been included in the smart city the most.

 Benefits of Smart City: 

  •  The Maha cities that are in the country get all the facilities, then they should have the technical knowledge, this practical knowledge, the students here are smart in comparison to the general urban people in every sense, so the arrival of Smart City in every state all  Will be effective for
  •  Development is very slow in small villages, so the arrival of Smart City will help in the development of these villages.
  •  The students of small cities also get very good examples of art and knowledge, but they do not get the proper platform, but due to projects like Smart City, they too will get the opportunity to move ahead on time and a little easier.
  •  In smart city, external companies will open their company, which will provide employment and control in poverty.
  •  This dream of smart city is very big, if the road map with which it is being brought will be worked with sincerity in the same direction, then India will definitely be counted in the smart country one day.
  •  On 25 June 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi placed the concept of Smart City in front of the countrymen, in which he addressed the countrymen directly and said whether your city is right to become a smart city or not.  It will only decide your city.  Modi ji defined the concept of smart city by saying a line "A city that is two steps ahead of the needs of the citizen."
  •  Some criteria have been prepared for a smart city, the city which will have all these properties will be included in the smart city. A city will be called a smart city if it has all these properties.

 The criteria for smart city are as follows: 

  •  There should be 24-hour electricity and water facilities.
  •  There should be proper transport facility in the city.
  •  There should be proper classification of roads under which pavements and vehicle paths should be properly constructed.
  •  There should be high-tech transportation. Public transport should be smooth.
  •  There should be greenery in the city.
  •  The cities have been enlarged under a good plan.
  •  There is a wifi signal in the entire city.
  •  There will also be a smart police station in the city.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has requested the people of the country to give full support in his speech.  Just as the Swachh Bharat Mission has more active people and media than the government, similarly all citizens will also have to be aware in making their city a smart city.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi openly praised the media, the way the media has been making everyone aware about the cleanliness campaign, it is commendable.  Modi ji has made everyone participate in the development of the country.

 A budget of 48 thousand crore rupees has been prepared by the Center for the smart city. Apart from this, two schemes have been launched by the government.  After examining all these three schemes, the government has started itself in the context of Modi ji.  Along with this, the states and municipal corporations have also been invited to give their opinion.

 Smart city is an unprecedented large-scale scheme that needs everyone's cooperation to give it a basic shape.

 The work of the country's first Smart City (GIFT) started in the year 2011 itself.

 Prime Minister Modi has also started the development of a smart city development in Gujarat. In 2011, Modi ji started work near Ahmedabad, which has been named Gujarat International Financial Tech (GIFT).  This Gujarat International Financial Tech will act as an example for other smart cities.

 This decision of Smart City will be very good for all of us.  For the development of the country, development of cities is necessary and at the same time it is very important to improve the outline of the village.  For which it is necessary to have a smart city in every state.  And the day this work is done, the development of the country will be rapid.

 Smart City is such a concept that will bring all of us closer to the digital world. With the speed of science, we will all have mental development.  In us and western countries there is only difference of digitization.  Our growth rate is low due to our distance from the digital world.  If we decide this distance, then we will easily stand in the count of developed country.

 Modi ji has made it clear in his speech that this smart city scheme is not starting from top to bottom, in which for the first time the Municipal Corporation and the municipality will talk about the information and problems of their city.  To make people aware, Mr. Modi also gave the slogan of #Mera Shahar Mera Sapna (My city is my dream). Now work in this direction will start from a low level.

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