OFSS Bihar Merit List 2021 11th Inter Admission List PDF Download

OFSS Bihar Merit List 2021 11th Inter Admission List PDF Download

OFSS Bihar Merit List 2021 11th Inter Admission List PDF Download

Here is OFSS Bihar Merit List 2021 11th, Inter Admission List PDF Download. You will get complete information about OFSS Bihar Merit List 2021 in this article, please read our article carefully till the end. Today we will tell you in this article that when the merit for OFSS admission will be released, how you can get the list of 11th admission. Please read our article carefully till the end and stay connected with our website.

All the schools of Bihar had applied for admission in class 11th and now the list will be issued for this admission. This admission has been organized by the Bihar Board of Secondary Education, for which the online applications were started from 19th June and the last date of application was 28th June 2021. Many students have applied for it, and we know that all the students are waiting for the admission list. But till now no clear information has been received about it.

The merit list for admission to Inter will be released in three rounds out of which the first list will be released in the first half of August 2021, the second list may be released in mid-August 2021 and the third list for admission in the last week of August. can be issued in But till now no clear date has been issued regarding this.

Every year different seats are reserved in all the schools for some students by the Bihar government, in which admission is given through this process. You can also check more information about this by visiting the official website of the board, the link of which is given below.

Website: www.ofssbihar.in

OFSS Bihar Inter Merit List 2021

 You will be selected for this admission by lottery, through this admission made by the government a large number of students get a chance to study. Only those students whose name is given in the merit list for admission in Inter can take admission. Yes and all the students apply for it in huge numbers.

This admission is conducted at the state level and is conducted only once in a year. As soon as the first list of 11th class admission is released, you can check it by visiting the official website. Any student whose name is given in this list can take his/her admission. If your name appears in any one of the three list of merit list then you can take admission.

OFSS Bihar Merit List Date 2021

The merit list will be released in July and August 2021, which you can check with your registration number by visiting the official website. We hope that only those students will be selected for this audition, who are eligible for it, and who really need this admission. To get selected for this admission, you must have more than 80 percent marks in your matriculation examination.

How to Download PDF of OFSS Bihar Merit List 2021 Online?

  • To download the merit list, first you have to visit the official website.
  • Then you have to search the merit list option on the home page and click on it.
  • After that you have to fill the asked information and click on submit.
  • Your list will open on your screen.
  • From where you can easily download OFSS Bihar Merit List 2021 11th Inter Admission List PDF.

How to Solve Adsense Ad Serving Limit 100%

Many visitors had questioned me that this message has come in their Adsense account, Adsense Ad Serving Limit and how to remove it? So I am writing this post for all those friends and will tell you to step by step very well how you can do Adsense Temporary Ad Serving Limit Solve.
How to Solve Adsense Ad Serving Limit 100%
How to Solve Adsense Ad Serving Limit 100%

Well, I did not get much information about it on Google, but I have gathered a lot of knowledge from many sources, which is very helpful for us, you can do it very easily.

Whenever I write a post on a topic, I first use it myself and only after benefiting from it, I tell you about that topic, then you can use it without fear.

Temporary AdSense Ads Serving Limit Solve
AdSense ads serving limit 100% solve

Temporary Adsense Ads Limit Solve

First of all, I would like to tell you a piece of news that from September 2019 Google's new policy has been updated, so Ad serving limit has been imposed in the website and Android application. I would like to tell you that prior to November 2018 there was a rule of Google Adsense due to which we could not show more than 3 Ads on any post or page, but this was changed later.

Many people may have received the match of temporary ad serving limit placed on your AdSense account from Adsense. If you have received the same message from you, then you are sure that you have this problem on your website or blog and we have the treatment for it.

When you open your Adsense account, you will find the number written on the top of it, you can show has been limited.

Why Adsense Ads Serving Limit.

Friends, if you have shared your newly published blog post on Facebook, Whatsapp Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. and from there a lot of traffic will be increased on your blog.

But let me tell you that traffic from social media is not Organic traffic and AdSense does not accept this traffic and because of this, Pageviews are counted less on your blog and ads are seen more. Due to this, Adsense Temporary Ad Serving Limit is placed on your blog to maintain the ads and pageviews viewed. In simple language, the AdSense ad serving limit is imposed to equalize organic traffic and ads because AdSense does not count the pageviews of social media visited on your blog while counting the number of times the ad is displayed.

How to remove Adsense Ad Serving Limit

According to me, you must have known very well what is Adsense Ad Limit, so now let's talk about how to solve it. I have given you some steps here as well as some screenshots to make it easy for you to understand all these steps.

So let's understand how to Solve the Adsense Ad Serving Limit

Here I will tell you two ways to use the method you like.

Step #1

First of all, you have to remove all the ads code such as Banner ad, Sidebar ad, Bottom ad by going to your blogger's dashboard.

Now go to all the posts and remove the Adsense ad code inserted inside them so that the ad does not appear in any post in your blog. Also, if you have put any Ad code in the Theme section, then remove it as well.

You have to keep this in mind - Adsense ad code has to be removed, not the verification code of Adsense. If you also remove the Adsense verify code by mistake, then the reason for your problem will be increased.

After deleting all Adsense ads, you now have to login to Adsense. After that you have to click on the "Menu button" then click on "Adds" button. As shown in the screenshot.

After this, a popup window will open where you will get an option of Auto Ads which will be On. Auto ads have to be "Off" from here.

As soon as you turn off all these settings, within a few hours, ads will stop appearing on your blog, but you do not have to worry. All you have to do is for 1-2 weeks only, after that when you increase the Organic Traffic on your blog, then you start showing ads again but only through Auto ads. You should not choose your own ads until you get an mail from Adsense.

Step # 2

This method will not remove Ad serving limit on your blog/website very soon, but without removing any ad from your blog, Ad serving limit will be removed.

  • 1. First of all, you have to stop sharing your new public post on social media at all, which will reduce inorganic traffic.
  • 2. Start commenting on the blogs of others.
  • 3. Start creating backlinks and do maximum internal linking which will increase the organic traffic.


Friends, I told you how to remove AdSense Ads Serving Limit. If you have read this entire post, then I advise you to use another method because the ad limit is not a big deal. This issue can happen even if many people get more traffic from social media on blogs or more clicks on AdSense ads in a legal manner. If you have any problem with this subject, then you can comment, we will answer your question soon. If any other person is getting such a message, then share this post with him and keep reading our blog to increase the traffic of the blog.

How To Make Android Apps Without Coding

Hello friends, in today's post you will learn how to make android apps without coding?
In this post, we will show you how to make an Android App. So let's start this post without delay.

In today's time, Android Mobile is the most used, almost everyone has Android Mobile, which is why the demand for Android app has increased. You can also create your own Android App, although there are many websites and tools on the Internet that provide you with Android App, we will tell you how to make an app from a website. Where you do not need to do any coding.

How To Make Android Applications Without Coding

Today everyone wants to make Android apps for their Blogs, websites, and Bussiness, and it is very easy to make Android App, you can create Android App without any programming, in a very easy way.

So friends, let's make an Android app. If you also want to know how to make your Android App and want to get full information about it. So definitely read this post How To Make Android Apps from beginning to end.

how to make android apps without coding? 

To make Android App, we need a website that makes Android App, although there are many websites on the internet where Android apps are made. But I will tell you a good website, due to which you can make the Android app very easily. https://www.kodular.io/ is a very good website to make any app, it doesn't take much time to create an app from https://www.kodular.io/.

how to make an app from kodular

You can make your app free from kodular website. In the steps below, we will teach you how to make an app with the help of kodular.io website, follow the steps given below to make an app from kodular website.

Open website
First of all, you have to open the kodular.io website in your computer's browser, and then click on "Create Apps".

Now you have to create a new account, so click on "Register now"

Enter Email ID and New Password
After clicking on Create, you have to enter your email ID, now you have to enter your new password, enter the password you want to enter, now you have to click on "Sign Up".

Verify Email ID
Now you have to verify your Email ID, for this, a Confirmation Mail will come in your Email Account, click on that link and Verify, after Verifying Email, you will reach the Dashboard of kodular website. You have to login by entering your login id and password, now you will have to authorize kodular creator, now you have to click on the "Authorize" button.

  • Now you have to click on "I accept the terms of service".

  • Now a notification will appear in front of you to click on "let's go".
  • Now you have to click on the "CREAT project".
  • Later you have to type the "name of your project" and click the "next" button.
  • Now you will have to "Configure Your Project" written in front of you, you have to press the "finish" button.

  • Now a "dashboard" of kodular will open in front of you, in which you have to get your best app.

Benefits of making the app from kodular

There are many benefits of making an app from kodular website, kodular website is the best website to make any kind of Android App, let's know ahead what are the advantages of making the app from kodular website. Here we are telling you some benefits of making app from kodular:

  • With the help of kodular website, you can make an app for free.
  • No Charge will be charged from you for making Android App on kodular website.
  • You can make an unlimited free app with the help of kodular website.
  • kodular website is a very fast app builder website, with this, you can create your android app in a very short time.
  • kodular website is a very simple way to create an Android App, with its help you can easily create Android App without any hassle.
  • In this, you can create all kinds of apps without any coding.
  • In this, you also get lots of options to customize.

Through this article, you have learned how to make free Android Applications with kodular. In today's post, we have told you how to make an app. How did you like to know how to make a Mobile App? I hope that I explained to you about Android App Kaise Banaye.

Tell your friends about this article and also share it on social media, so that how to make an Android application to more and more people. Get information about

What is web hosting

In today's technological world, many people want to create their own website on WordPress. The reason is that WordPress gives you many important features. That's why 40% of internet websites are built on WordPress. But to build a site on WordPress, we have to spend some money. If you want to create a professional website on WordPress, then you have to buy web hosting and domain name. In this post today, we are going to give you information about what is web hosting? And how many types of web hosting and how to work web hosting. So let's know.
What is web hosting

What is web hosting?

When we create a new website, the files, images, videos, text, etc. To keep up, we need hosting. Simply put, you are given limited space to store files, images, and more from your website. Where all your content is stored and the visitor arrives at your website, the hosting server provides a copy of your website.

It's not that you can't host your website on your computer. You can, but this will require that your computer be connected to the 24 × 7 Internet and your website will not open when your computer is disconnected from the Internet or damaged, so we should only buy hosting from hosting provider companies. Because they save the data on your website to their computer, and whenever problems occur with their servers, they redirect visitors to their other servers. As an area of ​​365 days, 24 hours Logon is open on your site.

How does web hosting work? 

How does web hosting work?

Now let's talk about how web hosting works. When you purchase hosting for a website, the hosting provider leases space to hold the website's data. Now you choose how much space you need to keep your data and make it public on the Internet. Companies charge you money based on the space you need and the number of visitors to your website at a time. So whenever a visitor visits your website, its information will be accessed on your hosting computer, and that host computer (server) will provide a copy and information about that visitor's request.

Information on web hosting plans

When you purchase hosting, you have to buy a plan there, the company will give you the features of disk space, bandwidth, uptime, support, etc. Let's talk about some of the key features -

  • Disk Space: Disk space is the amount of space you need to put your website on the server. If you are new, you can free up less disk space and you can expand it later.
  • Uptime: Uptime is how long your server will operate throughout the year. 99.99% uptime means your server can only be 8 hours short in a year.
  • Bandwidth: When someone opens your website, some data in your server will go into their computer. The website will open with this data. How much data can come and go is called bandwidth.

Types of web hosting

However, there are two main types of hosting.
  1. Linux Web Hosting
  2. Windows Web Hosting
  • Linux Web Hosting: The Linux operating system is open-source software that means it is available for free to everyone. Therefore, offering this hosting service reduces the cost of companies and is cheaper for you.
  • Windows Web Hosting: While the Windows operating system is not free, the hosting company has to get a license for Windows, so Linux is more expensive than web hosting. And they all have their benefits and if there are disadvantages, tell us about them.

Types of web hosting based on website support

Types of web hosting based on website support

There are four types of web hosting based on website support -
  1. Shared Server Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server-VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  3. Dedicated Server Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting

1. Shared Server Hosting:

'Sharing' means "sharing with others" which means it has a server and all websites share this hosting. The way we live in a room with our friends and share the rent. Shared hosting works the same way.
  • Benefits of Shared Server Hosting
This hosting is very cheap.
This is best for new bloggers.
  • Losses on shared server hosting
When more visitors arrive, the loading speed is greatly reduced.

2.Virtual Private Server-VPS:

In VPS hosting, a server is split into different parts and no other part can be included in the part where your website or blog is.

  • Virtual Private Server Benefits

This hosting is very secure.
Gives better results.

  • Virtual Private Server Disadvantage

It is a bit expensive.

3. Dedicated Server Hosting

This hosting is designed for big companies like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. The website data of these companies is very high. Therefore pay is done according to the data size in this hosting package. This hosting is the safest and fastest. Therefore, it can easily handle the traffic of big websites. But you cannot manage them yourself, for this, you will need programmers.

  • Dedicated Server Hosting Benefits

It is very safe.
It loads very fast.

  • Dedicated Server Hosting (Disadvantage)

It is very expensive.
It cannot manage on its own.

4. Cloud Hosting

This is new-age hosting. In which our data is divided into different servers rather than on one server. It is also very fast and you have to pay the price according to the needs of your data. It is considered very reliable. Due to its many servers, the chances of the site down are very low.

  • Cloud Hosting Benefits

It also withstands very high traffic very easily.

  • Cloud Hosting (Disadvantage)

These hosting are also a bit expensive.

Where to buy web hosting?

Now you must know what is web hosting and what should be purchased. If you believe me, then you should buy cloud hosting as it is fast and safe.

Now we will talk about where we should buy hosting. By the way, there are many companies in the Internet world. Which gives good hosting at a low cost but you should buy hosting from a good hosting provider. Because it will be better for your privacy. Here I am sharing the link of popular hosting provider for you from where you can easily buy hosting for your website. All these companies have been tried by big bloggers and provide hosting and domain names cheaply-

  1. Godaddy
  2. Hostgator
  3. Bluehost

Conclusion: If you have any kind of doubt about this article or have any suggestion to improve it, then do let us know by commenting and share this article with all your blogger friends so that they can know that web hosting it occurs.

How to Create a Blog on WordPress

Nowadays, everyone has the opportunity to earn money using the Internet at home. Thousands of people are making a lot of money off the Internet. There are many ways to make money on the Internet, the most popular of which is blogging. So for blogging, you have to create a website or create a blog, you can create a professional blog using WordPress, if you want to create a blog without HTML coding then you have to use WordPress. Today in this article I will tell you how to create a step by step professional WordPress blog.
How to Create a Blog on WordPress

WordPress is a very popular medium for creating websites and blogs. If you don't know the HTML code, then you can support WordPress. Which helps you build a great website. Or you can make money from the internet by becoming a professional blog, so to build a site on WordPress you need to know some things like a domain name. Also know what web hosting is, then know what is required to create a website and how to create a WordPress blog.

How to Create a Blog on WordPress? Full knowledge of how to build a website on WordPress

  • Step 1. Buy a domain name for your website or blog.
Buy a domain name for your website or blog.

To create a professional WordPress blog or website, first of all, you need to have a name. Also known as a domain name. A domain name is the name of a website or blog. For example, the name of our website is how-to-blog.in. Likewise, your blog also needs a single name, so you can buy it at Godaddy.com, this website is very popular in Indian language for buying a domain name, so you can buy a domain here.

  • Step 2. Web Hosting for Creating a Blog or Website

The next important thing now after purchasing a domain name is 'web hosting'. Web Hosting is a place where you need to store your website's files for documents, to buy hosting, you will find many websites on the Internet, some of which are popular web sites, such as Bluehost, HostGator, (Godaddy). Web hosting is a little expensive and there are different types of web hosting. Read this post for more information: What is web hosting, what kind of web hosting, definitely buy hosting you like.

  • Step 3. Connect the domain name to the DNS server

After purchasing the domain name and web hosting, you will now have to connect the two so that if you want to create your website or blog goes online, here you will need to connect your domain name to the DNS server.

 All you have to do is go into domain management and change the domain's DNS and enter the DNS of your web hosting.

  • Step 4. Now open the Control Panel and install WordPress

 Control Panel and install WordPress

After connecting to DNS, you now have to install WordPress to create your website or WordPress blog, so when you purchase web hosting you will be given a control panel on their behalf where you can use your website. You can control this, you get a link to this control panel via email, or you can go to the web hosting account where you bought it. The control panel can open, so you can see how the control panel will look in the screenshot.

WordPress Blog Control Panel

So here you have to enter your username and password, be careful not to tell anyone the username and password of this control panel.

 So now you have to install WordPress to create a WordPress blog. For this, you need to click on the "soft class option" in the control panel and install WordPress.

 How to install WordPress?

 How to install WordPress?

  • Click on the "Softcools Apps installer"
  • Now click on "WordPress"
  • Click Install
  • Now enter the domain name in the "URL"
  • Then enter the "login username" in the admin user name so that when you log in to the WordPress blog you will have the username you need.
  • Enter admin "password", in this option you have to enter the password which you need to enter when logging into the WordPress blog
  • Now click on "Save Installation" Details and save the details.

  • Step 5. Now Open WordPress Blog

Now that everything is ready, you need to open the admin URL. From where you need to log in to the WordPress blog, then you will find the URL of where you clicked on the details of the saved installation. At the top you will find the admin URL, then click on the URL.

Admin URL for WordPress blogs

So the login page of the WordPress website will open, then here you have to enter the admin user and password, whatever you enter in the above details then you will be able to login to the WordPress blog.

WordPress Login

So here you do not need to share this username and password with anyone, except you have to remember the admin URL so you will need this admin URL whenever you want to open a WordPress blog or website.

  • Step 6. Now set the theme for your blog or website

Now you have to design your WordPress blog, then you can get many free themes, or you can buy the WordPress theme if you want, after logging in you have to click on appear and then you have to click on the theme and install your favorite theme according to your theme. Do it and activate it, then create your website or blog Eels.

After all that, you can now write and publish your post by clicking on the Post option, but before that, if you want to design your WordPress blog, use the widget here if you like, you can install the plugin to your liking and design your blog. That way you can create a professional WordPress website or a WordPress blog.

I hope you liked our How to Create a Blog on WordPress article and you can easily create a blog on WordPress with this help. If you have any problem, comment and share this post with your friends so that they can create a blog on WordPress.

How to make a free blog or website

In today's post, you will tell how to make a blog. Blogging is very easy if you have a little bit of HTML coding. If you want to make your website on Blogger, then you do not need to pay anything, it is all free.
 Neither domain nor hosting is required to build a website on Blogspot, but a website is created for free. I made my first website on Blogger.
How to make a free blog or website

What a difference between a blog and a website.

  • Blog: Every day one gets to see new posts in the blog, category of recent posts, popular posts, is found in blogging.
  • Website: The website is created to promote a company's architecture and product. Once the website is set up, no articles are posted on it.

How to create a website? How to create a blog? Today is the time of technology where every information becomes available in one click. Whenever someone has to ask something, he searches the Internet and knows the answer to his question. But the main thing that happens between all these is the blog/website because the search engines pick up the information from here and show it to you. And you must have heard or seen many places saying that people say that I have a website or a blog, then you must have also thought that how to create a free website on Google?

Creating a free website on Google is very easy and you can create your own website in a few minutes. But some of the drawbacks of the free website are some limitations. If you want to make a Paid website, then you can read the post of the link given below. But in this post, we will teach you how to make a free website, so let's start.

How to make a free blog and website - how to make a website on google for free?

To make a website on Google, you will have to do some things, which is the most important.

  • 1. Mobile / computer
  • 2. Email ID
  • 3. Internet Connection

When you have all these three things, then you are ready to create a website. Now you have to follow some steps so that you can create a free website of your own. There are many benefits of having your own website, which you can read below.

Benefits of having your own website:

  1. You can upload your own photo.
  2. You can tell the world about yourself.
  3. Can post.
  4. Can earn money
  5. Can do marketing.
  6. You can earn money by selling your and others' goods.

First of all, you have to go to Google and search "BLLOGER.COM" in the search box. You will have a blogger's dashboard in front of you. One has to click on the " CREAT YOUR BLOG" button.

Now you have to log in with your Gmail ID, if you do not have Gmail ID then you will have to get Gmail ID.

Login with Gmail id After login, you will see a profile in front of you, if you want to make some changes in that profile then you can do it. Then you have to click on the "Continue blogger" button.

Now you will see the new blogger dashboard, it will have a notification, delete it

Now you have to click on the "Create New Blog" button.
Now you have to write the "name" of your blog in the "Title box". Write the name of the category in which you want to create your blog.
Now you have to create the "URL" in the "Address box".
Then you have to select a theme for your blog.
Later you have to click on the "Create Blog" button.
Now your blog is ready.
How to create a blog? step by step for beginners!

How to create a website? How to create a blog? step by step for beginners!

  • 2. On the home page of Blogger.com, you will see something like this written, "Create Your Blog" Click on it.
  • 3. Here you log in by typing your Gmail ID and Password. If you are already logged in, it will not ask you to log in.
  • 4. After login, you will see the option of "Create New Blog" on the left side, click here
  • 5. Now a new popup window will open where you give information about your blog.
  • Title: Enter the name of your blog here.
  • Address: Here you have to give a unique name, which no one has given before. If your chosen name is not available, try again and proceed by adding another name
  • Template: This is the design of your blog, how your blog will look and you can change it later. This is the life of your website, so you should make it as good as possible.
  • 6. After writing everything, click on the "Create Blog" button.
Now your blog i.e. website is ready, the name you gave in the address bar is a link to your blog, which you can share with your friends and show your blog. And after the blog is created, the dashboard is visible from here, you can maintain the whole website.

Note: Here we have used two different words - Website and Blog. We have used both of these for the same word, with the help of Templates, we can tell whether we have created a website or a blog. The theme you use will look the same, if you put an e-commerce theme then it will look the same.

Conclusion: I hope you guys have learned how to make a website in Free. I have told you to make a website in a very simple way. This method is very easy. If you still have any doubt or any questions, then you can comment and ask me. I will be happy to assist you and if you want any information, you can ask by comment. You will get an answer to your question soon.

And you can also earn money from your website, for which more information can be read in our Blogging Session and read the entire posts and earn money. When most of the bloggers in the world are making money, why not you? For more such fun information, subscribe to our newsletter and share this post with all your friends so that they too get this fun information.

How to join Flipkart Affiliate Program

As you all may know that Flipkart is the most popular shopping website in India, where you can buy almost every common life item. Such as mobile, TV, laptop, etc.

Just as many companies choose affiliate marketing as a way to promote their products or drive more sales, Flipkart also offers free affiliate programs for products sold by its website that anyone can easily join. It is possible.
How to join Flipkart Affiliate Program

If you do not know about Affiliate Marketing, then read this post of ours:
What is Affiliate Marketing: For Beginners

Today we will give you more information about the Flipkart Affiliate Program. First of all, we will know how to join Flipkart Affiliate Program and then we will know how to make the most money from Flipkart Affiliate Program. Let's start.

How to join Flipkart Affiliate Program?

It is very easy to join the Flipkart Affiliate Program. All you have to do for this program is signup, and then you become a member of this program. Follow the steps given below to signup for the Flipkart Affiliate Program.

  • 1. Click on this https://affiliate.flipkart.com/ link and the homepage of Flipkart Affiliate Program will be open in front of you. (As shown in the screenshot below)

How to join Flipkart Affiliate Program?

  • 2. After that click on the button "Join Now For Free". Now the page of the Register will be open in front of you. (As shown in the screenshot)

Flipkart Affiliate Program register

  • 3. Now enter your "email address" and choose your privet "password". After accepting their "terms and conditions" given below, click on the button of "Register Me".

That's it, you are now a member of the Flipkart Affiliate Program. After that, now it comes to how to start making money from the Flipkart Affiliate program.

The Flipkart Affiliate marketing Program also works like all other Affiliate Program companies. You can create a unique affiliate URL for any product available on Flipkart or you can also put their banners on your website.

Apart from this, a special feature of the Flipkart Affiliate Program is that you can also promote the mobile app of Flipkart and if you install any app by clicking your affiliate link, then you get a commission for it.

With the Flipkart Affiliate Program, you get a different commission when different products are sold, which you can see by clicking the link below.


Overview of the Flipkart Affiliate Program Dashboard

Flipkart's Affiliate Dashboard is something like this.

In the screenshot we have shown below, you can see the URL of any product of Flipkart and enter its link. In addition, the tool also appears in screenshot reporting which are good features of this program.

Overview of the Flipkart Affiliate Program Dashboard

Under the Flipkart Affiliate Program, promotional tools are available as mentioned below.

  • Bookmarklet Widget
  • Promotional Widgets
  • Promotional Banners
  • Product Links and Banners

To know how well Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program is, see the screenshot below, which describes some of Flipkart's promotional widgets.

With all these, you can have complete control over your Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program, for which you get all the major options in the menu of the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program.

We have now told about the dashboard of Flipkart Affiliate Program, you will get to know in detail only when you use the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program yourself. Let us now know how you can make money from Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program.

How to start making money from Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Basically, you will be able to earn money from this affiliate program only, if you know about the principles of Affiliate Marketing.

There is nothing different in the Flipkart Affiliate Program, just as you promote any company's Affiliate products on your blog or website, you can also promote Flipkart's products.

Now as mentioned in the introduction of Flipkart Affiliate Dashboard above, you can use different things such as search box, banners or links to promote products, you can use them according to your convenience. Choose from

Some Important Tips
  • Promote Flipkart's products according to your blog Niche.
  • If traffic is high on your blog, banner usage will be good. If mobile traffic is more, then you can earn more by promoting Flipkart's smartphone app.
  • Like Flipkart, Amazon also offers an Affiliate Program, which you can learn about by following the link given below:
    How to make money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

    I hope that by reading this article you will have learned a lot about the affiliate program of Flipkart. If you want more information about Affiliate Marketing. So you can read the Affiliate-Marketing category of our blog.

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