6 Ways to boost your blogging Earning

How to boost your blogging Earning?  How to earn $ 100 from blogging?  This question comes in the mind of every new blogger.  Today competition and expenses are increasing in Blogging.  Everybody who takes his blog to high ranking, his income is also getting very low.  So in such a situation, we have to do something so that through our blog we can increase our income.

 To increase income from blogging, we keep bringing new ideas for you and in this same post we have given 6 ways for you, with the help of which you can double or even more than your blog's earnings.

 In this post, which have been told "ways to earn money from blogs", all these methods will work only when good traffic comes to your website.  To increase the traffic of your website, you can read posts with SEO from our blog.

 1. Affiliate Income:

 Affiliate marketing is the second choice of every blogger.  Bloggers can earn more from Adsense by doing affiliate marketing.  In this, you have to join any E-commerce site such as Amazon, Flipkart's Affiliate Program and copy the link of their product from there and give it to your site.  And whenever a visitor buys that product from your given link, you get a commission of some percentage of the price of that product.  Which you can get your bank account redeemed.  Below are some popular websites where you can generate affiliate links by joining Affiliate Program.  Or you can also make money by directly joining the affiliate programs of the company.

 A. ShareASale:

 ShareASale This website is a very big site for affiliate marketing.  In this, you get many options to sell the product.  It is very easy to create an account in it.  It provides affiliates all over the world and supports many programs.

 B. Commission Junction:

 On Commission junction you will find Affiliate links of almost all E-commerce sites.  With its help, you can run Mutliple affiliate programs on an account and earn more.  You can generate affiliate links of companies like Amazon, Flipkart in it.  From here you can sell products in your blog by taking affiliate links of multiple companies simultaneously.

 2. Online Courses:

 If you have too much knowledge in a course or you know something extra in that course, then you can earn money by sharing this knowledge online on your blog.  For example, if you run Competition Classes on one particular topic, you can earn good money by running online classes around the world by posting it on your blog.  You can take money in exchange for complete notes of that topic or you can also share live knowledge to people through Video Tutorial.  Their use is increasing in today's times and its market cape is also growing very fast.

 3. EBooks:

 You can also earn money from blogs by selling eBooks.  For this your blog needs to be on Wordpress, because blogger does not have good themes for e-commerce site and the templates which are not good.  In this, you can sell books through your Affiliate Program.  Their market cape is also very much.  You can create your own eBook and sell it on your site or even on Amozon.  The price of your e-book should be less than the market rate so that everyone can buy it and motivate others to buy it.

 4. Freelancing Writing:

  If you like writing and you write good content, then you can earn money by writing for another person according to his / her mind.  That is, someone else has to write something, and if he does not have time, then you can earn money in exchange for writing his article.  When the big blogger is busy with some important work and they have to upload the post in their website, then they hire Freelancing Writer so that they also do their work and the post gets uploaded on their website as well.  It is not limited to just writing, if you have someone else, then you can earn money by working for others.

 5. Google Adsense:

 Google Adsense is an Ad company that offers us a commission of 68 percent of the earnings of ads in exchange for showing ads on our website.
 Google Adsense is the first choice of every blogger.  The most popular blogs of popular blogs in India are from Google Adsense.  It shows ads on our blog and gets its money.  It is the most used Ad Network in the world, which is a company of Google and is run by it.

 6. Sponsored Content:

 You can do a lot of earning from your blog website by writing sponsored content, but for this you should have good visitors and SEO Ranking.  Sponsored Content is written for the company, if your blog is popular, then the company itself emails you and says that "you write about this product in your blog, we will give you so much money", then you will be able to earn in this way too.  In this, the company chooses itself and offers you.  They already keep an eye on your website, they see that the website is running Cali and how well SEO is done.  Then she offers you sponsored content.


 We told you to earn money from Blogging, but your earning will be only when there will be good traffic on your website.  You cannot do anything without traffic and visitors.  You should focus on increasing the traffic of Blog instead of earning money from Blogging.  Which you can learn by going to our SEO session and reading our posts.  If you have any complaint related to this post, then you can ask or comment or contact us.  Friends, if you liked the post, please share as much as possible.  And also subscribe to the newsletter of our blog so that you can get notification of our next post.
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