How to Solve Adsense Ad Serving Limit 100%

Many visitors had questioned me that this message has come in their Adsense account, Adsense Ad Serving Limit and how to remove it? So I am writing this post for all those friends and will tell you to step by step very well how you can do Adsense Temporary Ad Serving Limit Solve.
How to Solve Adsense Ad Serving Limit 100%

Well, I did not get much information about it on Google, but I have gathered a lot of knowledge from many sources, which is very helpful for us, you can do it very easily.

Whenever I write a post on a topic, I first use it myself and only after benefiting from it, I tell you about that topic, then you can use it without fear.

Temporary AdSense Ads Serving Limit Solve
AdSense ads serving limit 100% solve

Temporary Adsense Ads Limit Solve

First of all, I would like to tell you a piece of news that from September 2019 Google's new policy has been updated, so Ad serving limit has been imposed in the website and Android application. I would like to tell you that prior to November 2018 there was a rule of Google Adsense due to which we could not show more than 3 Ads on any post or page, but this was changed later.

Many people may have received the match of temporary ad serving limit placed on your AdSense account from Adsense. If you have received the same message from you, then you are sure that you have this problem on your website or blog and we have the treatment for it.

When you open your Adsense account, you will find the number written on the top of it, you can show has been limited.

Why Adsense Ads Serving Limit.

Friends, if you have shared your newly published blog post on Facebook, Whatsapp Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. and from there a lot of traffic will be increased on your blog.

But let me tell you that traffic from social media is not Organic traffic and AdSense does not accept this traffic and because of this, Pageviews are counted less on your blog and ads are seen more. Due to this, Adsense Temporary Ad Serving Limit is placed on your blog to maintain the ads and pageviews viewed. In simple language, the AdSense ad serving limit is imposed to equalize organic traffic and ads because AdSense does not count the pageviews of social media visited on your blog while counting the number of times the ad is displayed.

How to remove Adsense Ad Serving Limit

According to me, you must have known very well what is Adsense Ad Limit, so now let's talk about how to solve it. I have given you some steps here as well as some screenshots to make it easy for you to understand all these steps.

So let's understand how to Solve the Adsense Ad Serving Limit

Here I will tell you two ways to use the method you like.

Step #1

First of all, you have to remove all the ads code such as Banner ad, Sidebar ad, Bottom ad by going to your blogger's dashboard.

Now go to all the posts and remove the Adsense ad code inserted inside them so that the ad does not appear in any post in your blog. Also, if you have put any Ad code in the Theme section, then remove it as well.

You have to keep this in mind - Adsense ad code has to be removed, not the verification code of Adsense. If you also remove the Adsense verify code by mistake, then the reason for your problem will be increased.

After deleting all Adsense ads, you now have to login to Adsense. After that you have to click on the "Menu button" then click on "Adds" button. As shown in the screenshot.

 After this, a popup window will open where you will get an option of Auto Ads which will be On. Auto ads have to be "Off" from here.

As soon as you turn off all these settings, within a few hours, ads will stop appearing on your blog, but you do not have to worry. All you have to do is for 1-2 weeks only, after that when you increase the Organic Traffic on your blog, then you start showing ads again but only through Auto ads. You should not choose your own ads until you get an mail from Adsense.

Step # 2

This method will not remove Ad serving limit on your blog/website very soon, but without removing any ad from your blog, Ad serving limit will be removed.
  • 1. First of all, you have to stop sharing your new public post on social media at all, which will reduce inorganic traffic.
  • 2. Start commenting on the blogs of others.
  • 3. Start creating backlinks and do maximum internal linking which will increase the organic traffic.

Friends, I told you how to remove AdSense Ads Serving Limit. If you have read this entire post, then I advise you to use another method because the ad limit is not a big deal. This issue can happen even if many people get more traffic from social media on blogs or more clicks on AdSense ads in a legal manner. If you have any problem with this subject, then you can comment, we will answer your question soon. If any other person is getting such a message, then share this post with him and keep reading our blog to increase the traffic of the blog.
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