How to fix Breadcrumbs Error in blogger

Today I am going to talk about the "Breadcrumb error" coming in the very important Google Search Console. By the way, Google keeps updating something in its search every day, but that does not bother us.

How to fix Breadcrumbs Error in blogger

If you do not know everything, then let me tell you that Google has brought a new update in which it has changed its old Data Structure and henceforth only the websites with newly updated Data Structure will show in Google Search and which Websites or Blogs will not follow it, they will be completely removed from Google.

As you all know that Google keeps updating itself to make itself user-friendly and changes its algorithm every day. Likewise this time, Google has updated its old Data Structure to make itself even better and from now on, only the data structure websites and blogs will be shown in Google Search. And in this post, we will talk How to fix breadcrumb error?

By the way, when I checked the Google structure tools, it turned out that only Vocabulary Schema Data format is no longer supported by Google. To fix this, we have to convert the updated vocabulary data by Google to format. You will get complete information in this post in easy language. Schema Deprecated Error Solve Schema Deprecated Error Solve

Breadcrumbs "Data-Vocabulary.Org Schema Deprecated" Error Solve

Here I have taken another word Data-Vocabulary Breadcrumbs Error so that it is a different form of Breadcrumbs Error and this is the name of this error. By the way, this error also came in my blog but I have updated it. I would like to tell you that the new Themes and Templates coming out all support If your Template is premium then you must have received the update so far and those who have not received the update of Blogger Template When you complete the study, your simple template will also start supporting

Let those people who are on Wordpress website tell you that you do not have to do anything like this, just install a plugin in your WordPress and the error with Breadcrumbs will run.

How to fix Breadcrumbs Error in blogger?

If you have a lot of knowledge of Coding, then you can easily do Breadcrumbs Error Fix and do not know the coding even then it is not a matter because I am going to tell you the whole process step by step with screenshots here.

Fix Breadcrumb Error

  • Step 1

First, go to your blogger's Dashboard and choose your blog.

  • Step 2

Now go to Theme Session and click on Edit Html.

  • Step 3

Now the entire HTML code of the blog will open in front of you and search the code given below there.

.breadcrumbs a:hover

  • Step 4

When you find the code written above, paste this code just below it.

जब आपको ऊपर लिखा हुआ कोड मिल जाए तो उसके ठीक नीचे इस कोड को पेस्ट कर दें।

.breadcrumbs svg {width: 16px; height: 16px; vertical-align: -4px} .breadcrumbs svg path {fill: # 666}

  • Step 5

Now search the code given below.

<b:includable id='breadcrumb'

  • Step 6

Here you have to take care to remove the entire code from where <b:includable id='breadcrumb' is starting, to </b:includable>

यहां आपको पूरे कोड को हटाने का ध्यान रखना होगा

Note: This code will be of 10-15 lines and before deleting the code, make sure to back up the theme so that if something goes wrong, your blog can be restored again as before.

  • Step 7

Code Gdrive link

Now paste the code at the place that was removed.

  • Step 8

After doing all this, click on Save Theme and then go to Google Search Console, go to Breadcrumb Error and click on Fix it. Or send the request to show the URL in which the error is coming again in Google.

This post above is the same on which Breadcrumb Schema Deprecated Error was coming and now it has been corrected.


Friends, let me tell you all, do not take this update lightly because Google's previous updates only affected the ranking of our website and posts, which we also used to ignore, but this time the entire data structure has been updated, So, your site and blog will be completely removed from Google search.

I hope I told you how to fix breadcrumbs error very well and you must have also understood, but if there is any problem then do not forget to comment.

And of course, do not forget to share this post with your Blogger friends. Your share can be saved by removing the blog of other bloggers from Google Search.

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