How to Increase Blog Organic Traffic by SEO

As Google is changing its policies, it is becoming harder to rank in Google search. Even the websites which used to rank first on the top page on Google are not even on the fifth page in google SERP and in such a situation, it is very bad for small bloggers who have any article to rank on SERP (search engine result page). Can not be done

Google is changing its algorithm every day and every year it changes about 3200 algorithms, so we have given up the idea of ​​ranking on Google and are looking to increase the traffic of our blog in some other way. We will tell you all the methods that we have tried and we have now increased the traffic of our blog by 5 times using all these methods in a few months.

Tips: Never believe in Google, all these ways we have shared from our experience.

21 Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic

We are telling you 25 tips in this post which will increase the traffic of your blog post. Whatever tips are given here, use them daily, you can make your blog traffic 2 times every two months.
  • Twitter
Twitter is also used in abundance in India, even every blogger must have an account on Twitter, so make an account on Twitter and share your newly published post.
  • Facebook
What Facebook says, it is the first choice of every blogger, where thousands of traffic can be brought in just one day. Create an account and a page on Facebook and share it daily, then your blog will be filled with traffic coming from it. You will experience how useful this method is.
  • Email
Traffic through email is considered unique traffic. 30-70 percent of the traffic on every big blogger's blog comes through email, so you collect as many emails as possible and send them a link to your newly published post.
  • Linkedin
This is a business site, so people here only talk about business, but by sharing a link to your blog post on this site, backlinks can be obtained from here which are not on Google but your posts on search engines like bing, yahoo Can help rank
  • Pinterest
If your blog is in the English language or without language, that is, an affiliate blog, then you can get a lot of traffic from this site too because most of the English people use it, then you know the English language. Use.
  • WhatsApp
By the way, everyone has heard and used the name of this wonderful thing, but if used for some work, it is a very useful thing. Through this app, you can ask your friends to come to your blog, the rest of your work will be done by bringing thousands of page views in a single day.
By the way, if used properly, you can increase the traffic of the blog.

  • Publish Good Content
Every man comes to find something on your blog and if he gets complete information from the blog then he will definitely come back to the blog. In this case, first, write good content of your blog, and improve your writing skills and try to write more and more in every post.

  • Link on youtube videos
If you do not have a YouTube channel, then make it fast because it does not cost you money and with this, you can also earn money from YouTube and you can bring traffic to the blog by putting blog post links in the description of videos.
  • Share Button on Blog
Put the share button of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp, etc. on your blog so that people can share the post with their friends.
  • Put an e-mail subscription box
Be sure to place an email subscription box on the blog so that visitors subscribe to the blog as well as RSS. By applying these two, blog subscribers will increase so that as soon as the post is published, the message will be sent to them and there will be a traffic increase.

  • Use AMP theme
AMP templates increase Blog's loading speed by several times. According to a survey, when the loading speed of the website or blog decreases, some visitors leave the post and go back. By applying these templates, visitors will stay longer and pageviews will increase.

  • Keep Blog Simple
Keeping the blog simple proves very effective for SEO. Here, by simple, I mean Easy to Read means that visitors should not have trouble reading or searching for any information so that visitors will stay on the blog for a long time.

  • Write headlines well
The better the title and headlines of the blog post, then people will quickly click on your shared post. When you share a post on social media, then the title of that post appears there and after reading it, the visitors know what this post has been written about, so always choose the title correctly.
  • Guest post
Guest post every blogger does and brings organic traffic to the blog. Today, blogs of big bloggers are running only through a guest posts, as their ranking is decreasing from Google, their traffic is also getting reduced. In such a situation, these people are increasing the traffic of their blog by posting guest on other blogs.

tips: Guest post means posting on another's blog and getting backlinks from there. Now everyone knows the meaning of backlink.

  • Comment on other blogs
Comment on blogs similar to your niche, people will know you and stay connected with you. Big bloggers have become popular using this method.

  • Interview other bloggers
This method is a way of connecting many people with you. You choose a blogger who is very popular and interview him when his visitors read your post, then he will become a regular visitor of your blog too.

How to Increase Blog Traffic by SEO

So far, all the ways that we're told to you, you can use all these to bring traffic to the blog without doing SEO, but now the next 4 ways I will really tell you how to rank in Google because a lot of google SEO is also necessary. So let's start

  • Use SEO plugins on Wordpress
With Wordpress SEO Plugins, it is considered very important for SEO and to rank in search engines on WordPress. You can use plugins like Google site kit. Also, you can do SEO of the site using plugins found in Free from WordPress.

  • Use sub-title in post
With subtitle help, you can rank more than one keyword on the search engine. You can also add more than one subtitle to a post. Simultaneously, adding keywords like H2, H3, H4, etc. can also be added.

  • Put the keyword in the image
The search engine will not know what the image is about until you add the keyword to the image. Write the title, alt text, and caption in each image so that the image can also be ranked in search engines.

  • Publish new articles daily
By publishing new posts daily, your blog keeps updating daily, due to which the search engine gives a better rank to your blog.

Friends, there is no big deal in ranking on Google but for this, you should get a good hold on SEO. That is why we have written this 21 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic post so that you can increase the traffic of your blog without doing SEO. These methods work the same way as SEO does, with the help of these, lakhs of traffic will start coming to your blog. If you want to rank your posts on search engines google, bing, yahoo, then read the posts of SEO written by us.
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