What is web hosting

In today's technological world, many people want to create their own website on WordPress. The reason is that WordPress gives you many important features. That's why 40% of internet websites are built on WordPress. But to build a site on WordPress, we have to spend some money. If you want to create a professional website on WordPress, then you have to buy web hosting and domain name. In this post today, we are going to give you information about what is web hosting? And how many types of web hosting and how to work web hosting. So let's know.

What is web hosting?

When we create a new website, the files, images, videos, text, etc. To keep up, we need hosting. Simply put, you are given limited space to store files, images, and more from your website. Where all your content is stored and the visitor arrives at your website, the hosting server provides a copy of your website.

It's not that you can't host your website on your computer. You can, but this will require that your computer be connected to the 24 × 7 Internet and your website will not open when your computer is disconnected from the Internet or damaged, so we should only buy hosting from hosting provider companies. Because they save the data on your website to their computer, and whenever problems occur with their servers, they redirect visitors to their other servers. As an area of ​​365 days, 24 hours Logon is open on your site.

How does web hosting work? 

Now let's talk about how web hosting works. When you purchase hosting for a website, the hosting provider leases space to hold the website's data. Now you choose how much space you need to keep your data and make it public on the Internet. Companies charge you money based on the space you need and the number of visitors to your website at a time. So whenever a visitor visits your website, its information will be accessed on your hosting computer, and that host computer (server) will provide a copy and information about that visitor's request.

Information on web hosting plans

When you purchase hosting, you have to buy a plan there, the company will give you the features of disk space, bandwidth, uptime, support, etc. Let's talk about some of the key features -

  • Disk Space: Disk space is the amount of space you need to put your website on the server. If you are new, you can free up less disk space and you can expand it later.
  • Uptime: Uptime is how long your server will operate throughout the year. 99.99% uptime means your server can only be 8 hours short in a year.
  • Bandwidth: When someone opens your website, some data in your server will go into their computer. The website will open with this data. How much data can come and go is called bandwidth.

Types of web hosting

However, there are two main types of hosting.
  1. Linux Web Hosting
  2. Windows Web Hosting
  • Linux Web Hosting: The Linux operating system is open-source software that means it is available for free to everyone. Therefore, offering this hosting service reduces the cost of companies and is cheaper for you.
  • Windows Web Hosting: While the Windows operating system is not free, the hosting company has to get a license for Windows, so Linux is more expensive than web hosting. And they all have their benefits and if there are disadvantages, tell us about them.

Types of web hosting based on website support

There are four types of web hosting based on website support -
  1. Shared Server Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server-VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  3. Dedicated Server Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting

1. Shared Server Hosting:

'Sharing' means "sharing with others" which means it has a server and all websites share this hosting. The way we live in a room with our friends and share the rent. Shared hosting works the same way.
  • Benefits of Shared Server Hosting
This hosting is very cheap.
This is best for new bloggers.
  • Losses on shared server hosting
When more visitors arrive, the loading speed is greatly reduced.

2.Virtual Private Server-VPS:

In VPS hosting, a server is split into different parts and no other part can be included in the part where your website or blog is.

  • Virtual Private Server Benefits

This hosting is very secure.
Gives better results.

  • Virtual Private Server Disadvantage

It is a bit expensive.

3. Dedicated Server Hosting

This hosting is designed for big companies like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. The website data of these companies is very high. Therefore pay is done according to the data size in this hosting package. This hosting is the safest and fastest. Therefore, it can easily handle the traffic of big websites. But you cannot manage them yourself, for this, you will need programmers.

  • Dedicated Server Hosting Benefits

It is very safe.
It loads very fast.

  • Dedicated Server Hosting (Disadvantage)

It is very expensive.
It cannot manage on its own.

4. Cloud Hosting

This is new-age hosting. In which our data is divided into different servers rather than on one server. It is also very fast and you have to pay the price according to the needs of your data. It is considered very reliable. Due to its many servers, the chances of the site down are very low.

  • Cloud Hosting Benefits

It also withstands very high traffic very easily.

  • Cloud Hosting (Disadvantage)

These hosting are also a bit expensive.

Where to buy web hosting?

Now you must know what is web hosting and what should be purchased. If you believe me, then you should buy cloud hosting as it is fast and safe.

Now we will talk about where we should buy hosting. By the way, there are many companies in the Internet world. Which gives good hosting at a low cost but you should buy hosting from a good hosting provider. Because it will be better for your privacy. Here I am sharing the link of popular hosting provider for you from where you can easily buy hosting for your website. All these companies have been tried by big bloggers and provide hosting and domain names cheaply-

  1. Godaddy
  2. Hostgator
  3. Bluehost

Conclusion: If you have any kind of doubt about this article or have any suggestion to improve it, then do let us know by commenting and share this article with all your blogger friends so that they can know that web hosting it occurs.
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