How to Create a Blog on WordPress

Nowadays, everyone has the opportunity to earn money using the Internet at home. Thousands of people are making a lot of money off the Internet. There are many ways to make money on the Internet, the most popular of which is blogging. So for blogging, you have to create a website or create a blog, you can create a professional blog using WordPress, if you want to create a blog without HTML coding then you have to use WordPress. Today in this article I will tell you how to create a step by step professional WordPress blog.

WordPress is a very popular medium for creating websites and blogs. If you don't know the HTML code, then you can support WordPress. Which helps you build a great website. Or you can make money from the internet by becoming a professional blog, so to build a site on WordPress you need to know some things like a domain name. Also know what web hosting is, then know what is required to create a website and how to create a WordPress blog.

How to Create a Blog on WordPress? Full knowledge of how to build a website on WordPress

  • Step 1. Buy a domain name for your website or blog.

To create a professional WordPress blog or website, first of all, you need to have a name. Also known as a domain name. A domain name is the name of a website or blog. For example, the name of our website is Likewise, your blog also needs a single name, so you can buy it at, this website is very popular in Indian language for buying a domain name, so you can buy a domain here.

  • Step 2. Web Hosting for Creating a Blog or Website

The next important thing now after purchasing a domain name is 'web hosting'. Web Hosting is a place where you need to store your website's files for documents, to buy hosting, you will find many websites on the Internet, some of which are popular web sites, such as Bluehost, HostGator, (Godaddy). Web hosting is a little expensive and there are different types of web hosting. Read this post for more information: What is web hosting, what kind of web hosting, definitely buy hosting you like.

  • Step 3. Connect the domain name to the DNS server

After purchasing the domain name and web hosting, you will now have to connect the two so that if you want to create your website or blog goes online, here you will need to connect your domain name to the DNS server.

 All you have to do is go into domain management and change the domain's DNS and enter the DNS of your web hosting.

  • Step 4. Now open the Control Panel and install WordPres

After connecting to DNS, you now have to install WordPress to create your website or WordPress blog, so when you purchase web hosting you will be given a control panel on their behalf where you can use your website. You can control this, you get a link to this control panel via email, or you can go to the web hosting account where you bought it. The control panel can open, so you can see how the control panel will look in the screenshot.

WordPress Blog Control Panel

So here you have to enter your username and password, be careful not to tell anyone the username and password of this control panel.

 So now you have to install WordPress to create a WordPress blog. For this, you need to click on the "soft class option" in the control panel and install WordPress.

 How to install WordPress?

  • Click on the "Softcools Apps installer"
  • Now click on "WordPress"
  • Click Install
  • Now enter the domain name in the "URL"
  • Then enter the "login username" in the admin user name so that when you log in to the WordPress blog you will have the username you need.
  • Enter admin "password", in this option you have to enter the password which you need to enter when logging into the WordPress blog
  • Now click on "Save Installation" Details and save the details.

  • Step 5. Now Open WordPress Blog

Now that everything is ready, you need to open the admin URL. From where you need to log in to the WordPress blog, then you will find the URL of where you clicked on the details of the saved installation. At the top you will find the admin URL, then click on the URL.

Admin URL for WordPress blogs

So the login page of the WordPress website will open, then here you have to enter the admin user and password, whatever you enter in the above details then you will be able to login to the WordPress blog.

WordPress Login

So here you do not need to share this username and password with anyone, except you have to remember the admin URL so you will need this admin URL whenever you want to open a WordPress blog or website.

  • Step 6. Now set the theme for your blog or website

Now you have to design your WordPress blog, then you can get many free themes, or you can buy the WordPress theme if you want, after logging in you have to click on appear and then you have to click on the theme and install your favorite theme according to your theme. Do it and activate it, then create your website or blog Eels.

After all that, you can now write and publish your post by clicking on the Post option, but before that, if you want to design your WordPress blog, use the widget here if you like, you can install the plugin to your liking and design your blog. That way you can create a professional WordPress website or a WordPress blog.

I hope you liked our How to Create a Blog on WordPress article and you can easily create a blog on WordPress with this help. If you have any problem, comment and share this post with your friends so that they can create a blog on WordPress.
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